after almost three years of break

caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, we finally managed to arrive at the naturist camp, which has been visited annually since 2012. The weather could be a bit better, but all in all, it is good that the temperatures after the last cooling down have reached over 20 degrees. On the same Sunday that we are still spending on the camping (I am currently writing this post in the caravan), an organized naked trek was to take place, from which I decided to give up for our joint trip. Fortunately, however, it happened that due to the forecasted storms in the area of ​​the planned trip, the organizer postponed it to the next Sunday. So the sheep is full and the wolf is full 🙂 

World Naked Gardening Day 2022

as every year, on the first Saturday of May, we celebrate the World Day of Naked Horticulture. In my case, it is a pure formality, because in the garden I am only naked, whether during rest or work. But those who want to try for the first time, of course, I encourage you to take the opportunity. The idea of ​​celebrating such a day was brought to America in 2005 by Mark Storey and Jakob Gabriel. The first gentleman is the editor of the “Nude & Natural” magazine. It’s already the seventeenth time.

complete change of scenery

it just got really spring and then suddenly regular winter. As it had snowed so much in just one night, I had an idea to build an igloo for my little son. In the past, when our children were his age, every winter, as soon as there was enough snow, we would build one. He was very happy with his first igloo 🙂

Morning coffee meeting

Today I had the opportunity to participate in one of the typical female coffee meetings at my Tesciowa where the women of our predominantly family community meet regularly. Zonka, like every morning, went downstairs to Mama. As I had a day off, she called me to come too. I am often naked at my Tesciowa’s, and this time I decided not to put anything on myself. When I entered the apartment, besides Zonka and Tescia, four more women were sitting at the kitchen table: Zona’s sister and her three adult nieces. Individually, each of them has seen me naked many times, but all at once is probably the first time. Interesting another experience that I have to admit only and only I myself am able to experience. Bywalo, that I attended these family gatherings naked. I felt quite at ease. This “enough” is because, however, I was aware of my special state among all the other dressed people. Today it was so different that I completely did not feel this partiality. Undoubtedly, it is because for the gathered ladies my nakedness has become something natural and obvious.